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Stefano Ravasi


Head of secretariat

Ravasi Luke

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Tecno Italia Safety and Survival Training S.r.l.

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The Training Centre Rescue and Survival of Anzio was created and is managed by Tecno Italia Safety and Survival Training Srl, established in 1999 by the engineers of a company that for twenty years he has worked in the field of design, production and marketing of equipment and equipment Protection, Survival and Rescue by running repeated supplies of prestige to the marine Police, Divers of the Fire Brigade, the Civil Protection Department, the Forest Guard ,to the units in the SAF of the Fire Brigade and many organisations of Civil Protection and disaster Relief.
The Training Centre in the Rescue and Survival of Anzio is recognized suitable and is licensed by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport to conduct courses and to issue certificates of competence to seafarers for Basic Fire fighting course , Survival and Rescue, Personal and Social Responsibilities, first aid, Familiarization of the Safety Tank Vessels (Tankers, Gassiere and chemical tankers) , ship security dulie, ship security awardness, leadership and teamwork, refresh BST , training for the personnel on board passenger ships, by ENAC National Civil Aviation Authority to conduct courses and to issue the relevant certificates of the Evacuation of the cabin of a helicopter or plane submerged, and by the FIV (Italian Sailing Federation / WORD SAILNG) to play courses of Personal Survival (required for racing hill).



The Company is certified with Quality System ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 29990-2011 for the design and development of training courses related to safety and rescue as well as for the design and manufacture of equipment for protection and rescue.

The Company is also accredited by the Lazio Region, and is authorised to courses for seafarers by the Ministry of Transport and for the safety courses in the quota from the Province of Rome.

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